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It also gives false hope to the hoards of desperate males from Harvard and MIT that work up the courage to brave the Senate bus—a.k.a.“Fuck Truck”—to Wellesley every weekend in the quixotic pursuit of a one-night stand or to witness wanton acts of lesbianism. who became a lawyer after working for a decade for the Boston area office of the FBI. runs the law firm on the same founding principles of his father — personalized, aggressive and passionate representation of those charged with criminal conduct. To view them, you will need to download the free Adobe Reader.Boston College seeks to foster a campus environment that supports its educational mission and is free from exploitation and intimidation, as well as discrimination based upon gender.To justify such coverage, a scant amount of moral commentary will be sprinkled throughout, as journalists hypocritically condemn the very naughty behavior that they describe in lurid, exploitative detail.Ultimately, these reports will lampoon the undergraduate body at Wellesley as part militant lesbian feminist, part promiscuous nymphet. Wellesley might have its fair share of liberal students on campus, but certainly no more so than most other universities.

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As Susie Giles-Klein, a junior, puts it, “Of course some people here are raging feminists and some are super conservative, but the majority probably fall in the middle.” In recent years, the Dyke Ball has been the Wellesley institution most scrutinized by the media.

The University strongly encourages any student who believes he or she has been harassed or subjected to sexual misconduct to seek prompt assistance from the resources described in this policy.

In only a few weeks time, John Harvard’s staid, suburban sister plans to strip down, get liquored up, and let loose for a week of liberal-minded debauchery.

Download the complete Boston College Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Please note: These files are Adobe Reader® (PDF) formatted files.That the media portrays Wellesley unfairly is an opinion universally reflected by students on campus. Bence, a freshman at Wellesley, numerous students buck the media’s stereotype: “There’s a demand for better married housing because there are a significant number of married students here. And as for predominant beliefs, I would talk about the faith-based initiatives on campus.

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